Worship Returns to the Sanctuary Sept. 20th
with Masks & Social Distancing
Online Worship Will Continue

Sunday Morning Worship at 9:30 to be followed by Sunday School in the Chapel

The Consistory has approved our return to the sanctuary with the following precautions to be implemented to abide with
 Health Department Regulations:
1. Face masks must be worn and will be available each Sunday.  Tables will be set up at each entrance to the sanctuary
with bulletins, hand sanitizer and boxes of face masks.
2. Please maintain social distancing by keeping a 6-foot distance from others, especially entering and exiting the sanctuary.
  There will be no ushers and offerings may be dropped in a basket at the back of the sanctuary.
3. Instead of Congregational Singing, Margaret Alice will play Instrumental Songs of Faith on the organ and piano
throughout the service.
4. The online worship service will continue and be available on YouTube, Facebook, and the church’s website.

We are thrilled to return to the sanctuary and all future church events will constantly evaluated by
the Consistory.  All feedback is greatly appreciated as we move forward together as a family of faith.


Yes, that’s right, Worship Services are Resuming this Sunday!
Join us on the front lawn this Sunday (June 7th) at 9:30 am for an outdoor worship service with reflections on scripture, prayer, and special music from Margaret Alice Rader!  Our online worship services will continue and will be available on our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and on DVD so please do what you feel is best for your safety during this time of precaution.

Our Safe-Distancing Protocols for Outdoor Worship
The Consistory has established some helpful guidelines for our time together on Sunday:
– DRIVE-IN & LAWN CHAIR SEATING: Meeting in front of the church allows us to have curbside parking along the street and in the small parking lot in front of the office.  Please leave those parking spaces for members who would like to worship in their cars. We will use our portable sound system so all will be able to hear the service.  Bring your lawn chairs and spread out across our front lawn.  Families are asked to sit together, but please keep a six-foot distance from other chairs.
– SELF-DISTANCING BEFORE & AFTER WORSHIP – It will be a lot of fun to see our church family again, however, let’s please remember to keep six-feet apart and refrain from handshakes or hugs.  This will be the most challenging part of resuming our services!
– BEFORE WORSHIP – Ryan will distribute worship bulletins and will have bottled water available.  A table will be set up with bottles of hand sanitizer and a basket for offering.  Face masks will be available, but not required for our time together outdoors.
– THE SERVICE – Our portable sound system will provide amplification for the pastor and for Margaret Alice Rader.  Due to recommendations from our denomination, we will not have congregational singing, however, instrumental songs of faith will be played by Margaret Alice Rader. Offering plates will not be passed as givings are asked to be placed in the offering basket before/after worship.
– BATHROOM – The bathroom beside Peggy’s office will be available, but we ask that all please refrain from going into the Educational Building or into the sanctuary. 

Please Give Your Feedback and Guidance to Our Leadership
We give thanks for this opportunity to take a couple of small steps towards resuming our ministries at Grace Church, however, we do want to move forward safely.  The Consistory welcomes all feedback and suggestions.  Our Consistory is President Chad Linebarger, Vice-President Dwight Eads (also Chair of Worship & Music), Treasurer Lisa Abernethy, Stuart Cozort, Judy Geitner, Karen Hoard, Susan Lineberger, Patti Lofland, Tom Rowe, Louise Setzer, and Pastor Ryan Brakemeyer.  Please reach out to your church leadership with your feedback on how we can improve our worship experiences during this time, your hopes and expectations for the coming weeks, suggestions for how we might be able to safely resume other ministries, etc.

As you know, we are celebrating our 175th year of ministry at Grace Reformed and we can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support of our church during this challenging time! 

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday on the front lawn or online,

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